Season 2 Recap (by the numbers)

On this day last year, I posted the numbers for my first season as Santa Claus. It was a very eye-opening post. I cherished the objective summation of the work I had done. It paved the way to a very subjective analysis of the work I had done. And my analysis was that it wasContinue reading “Season 2 Recap (by the numbers)”

Comfort Calls

The Covid-19 epidemic has created more clinical anxiety/depression than any other event in recent history, per the Mental Health Organization. They claim that it has affected young people at a higher rate than ever before, and, alarmingly, that those affected are considering suicide at a much higher rate as well. Those young people are youngContinue reading “Comfort Calls”

Virtual Reality

This has been a tough year for Santa Claus. Not only is the naughty list growing substantially as people can’t figure out how to be kind to each other, but this Novel Coronavirus has really cramped his style. Santa’s entire public persona is pretty much based on touch and intimacy. The power of human contactContinue reading “Virtual Reality”