“He is amazing.
As jolly as the real thing.”

-Jana Kigin (my wife)

Jonny Kigin, aka PGH Santa

When not wearing red, I am a diligent husband to my own beautiful Mrs Claus. She keeps me happy and fat, both of which are critical to Santa. I am also a doting father to six children ranging in age from 21 to 5. As co-owner of a wonderful little music business called Noteworthy Music, I spend my days around music, and helping children discover the wonders of it.

A few buddies of mine let me play/sing in a band, Sligo Pony. And a few others let me work in a song-writing collaboration group, The Random Misfits. I have spent many years in musical theatre productions, but now only have time/energy to perform in shows with my kids.

PGH stands for Pittsburgh, PA, where I have lived with my family since 2012.

I believe in the power of Christmas. I believe in Him, who we celebrate during the Christmas Season. I believe that by spreading Christmas cheer, I spread His love. I have been standing in for the big guy since 2006.

Background Credit Yurkaimmortal
Photo Credit Montague Photography

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