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Season Recap (by the numbers)

Wow! What an amazing Christmas Season! I don’t really know where to begin… But I know I must begin. I have notes (handwritten and digital), numbers (calculated and waiting to be calculated), experiences (oh so many!), feelings (oh so many more!), best practices, practices to avoid, things to practice and practice more, and random thoughtsContinue reading “Season Recap (by the numbers)”

Thank You Visits

My mom taught me to say please, and thank you. And so did yours. The hallmark of a civilized society is the ability of the citizens to use appropriate, considerate communication. Polite discourse involves some prescribed tokens, including the use of these special words taught to us from the time we are born, and reinforcedContinue reading “Thank You Visits”


Everyone in the world wears multiple hats. Even before anything else, just who we are without doing anything represents the start of a long list of the hats we wear. I am a son, a father, a husband, a brother, a neighbor, a citizen. The variety of hats worn within these responsibilities is dizzying. TheyContinue reading “Hats”

Informing Santa

Information is power. When following humanity’s use of technology, our history is often divided into Ages. Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Industrial Age (ushered in by the Renaissance), Electronic Age, and now the Information Age. There are many varieties of this list, but most end where we are now, with information beingContinue reading “Informing Santa”


This article is designed to help customers have an idea as to what to expect when booking with PGH Santa. Please understand that all situations are different, and pricing can and will be adjusted according to how you envision your visit from Santa. There’s a solution for every budget. What’s important is that the kidsContinue reading “Rates”


I am fairly active on Social Media. Earlier this year, I hit my 2,000 friend mark on Facebook. Lest anyone think I’m supremely popular, please understand a couple things. One, I am old. Two, I have lived in several communities throughout my life. Three, I have consistently been occupied in fairly high-profile, highly-peopled, occupations. AndContinue reading “Brotherhood”

Comfort Calls

The Covid-19 epidemic has created more clinical anxiety/depression than any other event in recent history, per the Mental Health Organization. They claim that it has affected young people at a higher rate than ever before, and, alarmingly, that those affected are considering suicide at a much higher rate as well. Those young people are youngContinue reading “Comfort Calls”

Virtual Reality

This has been a tough year for Santa Claus. Not only is the naughty list growing substantially as people can’t figure out how to be kind to each other, but this Novel Coronavirus has really cramped his style. Santa’s entire public persona is pretty much based on touch and intimacy. The power of human contactContinue reading “Virtual Reality”


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