“He is amazing.

As jolly as the real thing.”

-Jana K

“Amazing experience!  Exceeded my expectations! 
The smile on my son’s face said it all!”

-Traci B

“Best Christmas Santa Ever”

“PGH Santa was excellent. He was very jolly, spoke directly to my niece, very kind, he sang to her, read a story to her and mentioned all the people in her life 😊. Santa was very real and we loved him!!!! So thankful for the experience!”

-Maureen K

“This was the best decision we made.
I will refer him to anyone . He started our Christmas holiday off right!”
-Gabrielle A

“Fantastic! He is the real deal!
PGH Santa made it easy and made my children’s session magical!”
-Valerie S

“Pure Magic”

“PGH Santa’s visit with my little girls was the most magical Christmas activity we have ever experienced. Truly. He completely customized our event based on what I was looking for (and constant changes with COVID) and made it extra personal for my daughters.

“He read to them, sang many songs (on the spot!) in his beautiful Santa voice, and conversed with my girls so sweetly. I had previously provided gifts for the girls to put in his sack, and he handed them out seamlessly, while not knowing exactly what they were.

“He is not just a Santa, but a skilled entertainer, who thinks on his feet and improvises. As an example, right before he rang our doorbell, I made a last-minute request for him to deliver our elf’s missing hat to the girls; and without missing a beat, he carried that out during our event and completely surprised my girls with this missing item from the North Pole and the story behind it.

“Christmas magic is very important to me,
and PGH Santa exceeded our expectations in every way.”

-Maranda F

“Our visit was absolutely perfect and magical!”

-Jamie B

A+ in all areas!

“You look and play the part better than any Santa we’ve met in the past! Amazing energy and upbeat attitude!

“The experience was amazing, all the way through! The engagement between the two of you was just heartwarming, and you didn’t miss a beat! Thanks for including our pets and checking everything off of the application list! Excellent attention to detail when Addy had questions! It felt like you were really Santa and you truly knew all about her! You’re the talk of the evening around our house and we WILL be doing this again next year!! Thank you so much!”

-Shannon M

“Santa was great for our group of students! He made the scheduling easy for multiple families to visit virtually. Highly recommend Santa!”

-Ryan W (Students with Exceptional Abilities, Pine Richland Youth Center)

I can not quite find the words to say how perfect his visit was this evening. His entrance, his transitions, the belly laughs, the sincerity… all of it was just lovely. I cry easily these days but these tears tonight were joyful, grateful ones! Thank you for the beautiful prayer we said together- we will treasure this evening forever!

-Katie S

“This was incredible!!! The whole experience was beyond awesome! The PGH Santa was right on! My son absolutely loved it and talked about it for days! He can’t wait to talk to him again next year!”

-Sherlyn J

“Santa did such a great job! Loved how he interacted with the boys and remembered their names throughout the call.”
-Dawn H

“Santa was very engaging and funny. My kids loved every second. My kids loved that his elf was moving around behind him!”
-Shannon G

“Absolutely magic.”

-Ana B

“We had such a magical visit with Santa! My girls loved being able to connect with Santa and even sing a song! He made the virtual visit very personal and fun! My girls were laughing and thought for sure that this had to be the real Santa! 🙂 The booking process was very easy and he was great to work with too!”

-Michelle H

“We used this Santa at a family party. He was nothing short of magnificent.

“He told the kids a story, greeted them all by name, sang to them, told jokes, and distributed gifts from his sack to each kid (gifts were provided to him in advance). The kids had a blast and the adults were blown away by how magical and real he was. He had every single person laughing. He was very patient and didn’t leave until every child was greeted and everyone who wanted a photo had the opportunity to take one.

“I’d highly recommend this Santa for any holiday experience. You will not be disappointed and your children will always remember him. 10/10 stars no doubt!!”

-David K

“Are there more than 5 stars??”

“PGH Santa made a personal visit to our neighborhood and he was absolutely perfect! He was so engaging and what you would always envision Santa to be. I’m sure he has a really tight schedule this year and even with all the COVID craziness, he was a pleasure to work with and everything went off without a hitch. You could clearly tell he was quite experienced at bringing the magic! We can’t wait to see if PGH Santa has time to visit us next year!”

-Sarah E

“My children were so excited and couldn’t believe he FaceTimed them. As my daughter said it wasn’t just a call, she got to see him. He did a great job telling them he was proud of them and that meant so much. He has brought them so much joy.”

-Kim K

“This could not have been any better!
What a wonderful visit.
Absolutely a magical experience!”
-Valerie S

“We loved this. What a wonderful Santa experience! PGH Santa knew his stuff for our kid, his costume was beautiful, his affect was spot on, singing voice was great.”
-Robin C

“PGH Santa was so accommodating with fitting my classroom in before Christmas. He was very prompt in responding back to emails. Everything about this experience was top notch!”

“He really related to the students and how he interacted with them was AMAZING! His message at the end brought happy tears to a few of my students. The smiles and pure excitement they had today was the best thing ever!”

-Kendra H (3rd grade teacher)

#ThereisaSantaClaus #Imahugehugefan🎄❤️💚🎄”

-Tracey P

“Pgh Santa did a parade in our neighborhood. The kids absolutely loved it. You could hear every kid screaming with joy to see him! He was amazing to work with and even with the blizzard and road conditions he still came! I would recommend him to everyone! Thank you Santa for bringing joy at a time that has been so chaotic!”

-Maria T

“This Santa was clearly the real deal, no doubt about it. Authentic in every way! He had great energy, and was completely at ease visiting with my 8-month old. He brought the warmth of Christmas into our home and filled the room with jolly laughter and singing. We will look forward to visiting again next year with much anticipation.”

-Katy K

That was absolutely epic. 
You brought the magic! 
You should have your own KPBS kids show!
Singing Rudolph together was magical!
My son came in thinking you were not the real Santa and left jumping for joy convinced!
And how you talked about knowing me and watching me grow up and how I love them hit me right in my heart. 
Thank you. You have a true gift my friend. 
Thank you to quarantine that we had the pleasure to meet you and spend this time together. 
Forever grateful,

-Stephanie Z

“We had an in person (socially distant/ outside/masked) visit and it was absolutely amazing! We have a 9 & 8 year old and they were in absolute amazement with his visit. They were allowed to gently “tug” on his real beard! He also arrived at our house on foot which was perfect as we were outside, in the dark when he showed up and he called out to our kids by name. He had personalized notes on each kid and he talked to each of them in a very personalized manner. Our 9 year old was questioning him a bit but Santa handled it well. We highly recommend! The kids are absolutely pumped and invigorated from the visit.”

-Nikki R

“AMAZING. SO AMAZING. I have no other words. Angel on earth. So sweet. Made my baby’s day. I cried in the background. He talked about it for days. I wish we could call him once a week. He’s truly that amazing.”

-Lisa J

“The visit was very special!
It made our little girl so happy! Thank you!”
-Lauren S

“PGH Santa is AMAZING!!! My boys had a great time chatting with him through our zoom meeting. Santa was kind, funny and very loving. Thank you PGH Santa for keeping the magic of Christmas alive through this difficult time.”
-Elizabeth S

Absolute MAGIC!!! 💫

“Thank you so much PGH Santa for making this 🎄 season so special to this little boy!! The personalized conversation was perfect!! He talked for hours after the virtual visit that Santa really knew all about him. Thank you so much @pghsanta”

-Angie P

I cannot express how happy my younger one was to have time to talk with Santa. The older boy is learning more about the magic of Santa and this conversation was so well put and loving! The zoom experience was more relaxed and personal than all our years traveling to the mall! Thank you for remembering the important details like their names, their elves names, and everything else that makes a true connection between children and Santa!
This was a very special evening for us!

-Jamie J

“PGH Santa came to my daughter’s ‘Christmas In July’ Birthday party and he was a hit!! Not only was he awesome with the girls, but Santa even went down the slip ‘n slide!! Would definitely recommend him for holidays especially in July as I believe Christmas in July should be celebrated!!”

-Christy Z

A bright spot in 2020!

Can’t say enough good things about PGH Santa. He was so easy to work with and my kids were thrilled to meet the real Santa who knew their names and had received their letters and knew just what they wanted for Christmas.

-Jackie B

The kids loved the individualized attention and all the details Santa magically knew about them thanks to the ingenious form we filled out before the meeting. They also loved having plenty of time to talk to Santa. They had LOTS of questions and comments. PGH Santa made this pandemic Santa visit the most memorable ever and sure made this year special!

-Andrea T


I would choose this personalized visit over an in person visit. Pgh Santa is worth every Penny. Our little boy was absolutely delighted and full of joy to hear that Santa was proud of him. you cannot get a more authentic, kind, or jolly Santa anywhere else!
Highly recommend!!!

-Bridget E

“In true 2020 form, visits with Santa this year at the usual mall spots were either converted to virtual visits, or would involve Santa sitting behind plexiglass, with a face mask, and minimal personal interaction with the kiddos. With our kids being so young, we wanted to provide them with a true, personal Santa experience. PGH Santa did not disappoint! He was jolly, interactive with all of the children (all of whom were under the age of 5), and brought loads of Christmas cheer. Even the adults felt the Christmas magic when interacting and visiting with PGH Santa. I highly recommend PGH Santa for your next party, get together, or individualized Santa visit. We cannot wait to book him again next year and for years to come!”

-Stephanie Y

Scheduled a zoom call with Santa for my kids this year and it was beyond amazing! Santa was pure magic, kept the conversation moving the entire call even with my two quiet-at-first kiddos. I couldn’t recommend this experience any more!

-Tonya T

“I would absolutely recommend PGH Santa to everyone. I can’t thank you enough for not only bringing Santa in to our home, but to do it at a reasonable price.

“I heard great things from a friend prior to booking the virtual visit, and you did not disappoint. Thank you again for making my son’s visit with Santa magical!”
-Kris M

Santa was authentic, friendly, personable and joyful. He tailored the experience personally to my girls and what we had already done at home with them to get ready for Christmas. He made time for him to mention the things we requested and he went with the flow as my girls asked him questions and talked with him as well! I can’t recommend him enough!
-Alicia C

“Pgh Santa created the most magical little night for our street. We watched our children smile & laugh & ask questions & I swear I saw the twinkle in their eyes that I had forgotten to look for this year. His kind demeanor, quick wit & belly laughs truly brought this Christmas season to life for us. Highly recommend. ❤️

-E Baker

“This call I scheduled was so nice and my kids were amazed. They called their grandparents right after to tell them about it. The smiles lasted for long after and they are even more excited for Christmas now than ever before!”

-Becky H

“We had a virtual visit with Santa and it was absolutely magical! My kids were so excited to be able to see and talk to Santa….it could not have gone better. Everything has been different with the pandemic, but the magic of Christmas was kept alive thanks to PGH Santa!”

-Tracey W

“We had an outdoor Santa visit on our street this evening. 2020 has been a year when magical moments can be difficult to find, and tonight there was Christmas magic for both kids and adults! Everyone has commented on what a wonderful visit their children had. Thank you so very much for making the children (and adults) smile and laugh.”

-Rhiannon B

Santa was AWESOME! I love how he knew things about my son and his elf. He was very engaging to my son, which made him even more excited to talk to Santa. It was absolutely lovely.

-Lori F

We loved our visit. You did such an excellent job talking with the kids and our whole family. You were so engaging, funny, and totally believable. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.
-Amanda M

This was amazing! Originally I was very skeptical about a Zoom Santa visit, but WOW. I hope you do this again for years to come, Id love to make it a tradition! You were so jolly and engaging!
-Lauren S

Absolutely wonderful!”

“Santa rolled so effortlessly with my 3 year old’s tireless attempts to derail the call (SANTA! I have SHOES!) and did a great job of engaging my reluctant 6 year old. It was perfect.”

-Heather H

Pgh Santa was the best part of 2020! I’m so happy my children had a personalized zoom visit with Santa. He reinforced all of the behaviors we expect and really helped them feel special and loved. Knowing their names and the name of their elf on the shelf was awesome. My daughter was shaking with excitement the whole time and my son said he was blushing all the while. Lol. It wasn’t rushed and they had time to ask questions to which Santa had all the best answers! Thank you thank you thank you!

-Carla C

“Thank you so much for visiting with us. My son has not stopped talking about Santa and how much he likes him. ;-)”

-Karen M

“Great interaction and the kids loved Santa! Great job connecting with kids.
Awesome work!”
-Matt K

Very nice,
very personalized.
Micah loved it.
-Rachel Z


The experience was truly amazing and flawless. Santa did a fantastic job using the previously provided info which made the visit incredibly magical for our son. We were so impressed and would HIGHLY recommend any parent using Pgh Santa. We loved being able to have the magical visit with Santa while still staying safe at home.  Santa was extremely impressive! Really helped make Christmas special considering how crazy 2020 has been.

-Amy J

 We thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Santa gave the kids some wonderful positive messages and encouragement they will treasure. It was a fantastic personalized experience with Santa and the kids’ were alight with joy. I love hearing them excitedly chatter together about the visit.

-Sarah R

 Loved this! I love how personal it was. My son was so excited after the zoom call that he got to speak with the “actual real Santa this time” LOL My son was surprised that Santa knew all the things going on, the name of his elf and such. The setting, costume, and all was great! Also, I am very impressed on the speedy back and forth in the emails and set up. THANK YOU! We both loved the experience!

-Jaime S

I had honestly never heard of the PGH Santa before this year, but I am so glad that we scheduled this visit! He was so excited to be talking to our kids, and they laughed and giggled for the entire visit. The information form that is sent before the visit really gives him good information, and it was incredible to see their faces light up when Santa used the info. from the form. Beyond pleased with this experience!

-Brittany G

PGH Santa is AMAZING!!! My boys had a great time chatting with him through our zoom meeting. Santa was kind, funny and very loving. Thank you PGH Santa for keeping the magic of Christmas alive through this difficult time.
-Elizabeth B

Beyond my expectations!! So very realistic and interactive!! Felt magical and got my shy 2 year old to open up. I will definitely be carrying this tradition on next year! Thank you PGH Santa!!
-Alicia O

The kids loved the individualized attention and all the details Santa magically knew about them thanks to the ingenious form we filled out before the meeting. They also loved having plenty of time to talk to Santa. They had LOTS of questions and comments. PGH Santa made this pandemic Santa visit the most memorable ever and sure made this year special!

-Andrea T

PGH Santa made a Santa visit possible when otherwise we would not have been able to see him. He takes special care to personalize each experience, and my 4 year old was THRILLED to be having a video call with Santa. Loved the background and Santa’s whole look. He was very professional and sweet. Great experience!
Everything worked very smoothly!

-Erin L

Photo credit Montague Photography

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