This article is designed to help customers have an idea as to what to expect when booking with PGH Santa. Please understand that all situations are different, and pricing can and will be adjusted according to how you envision your visit from Santa. There’s a solution for every budget. What’s important is that the kids get to see Santa. We’ll make it work…

$250 per visit up to an hour

*Please scroll down for additional pricing beyond the scope of a standard visit
2023 PRIME pricing (Nov 23-26, Dec 15-25) not included on this rate sheet
Please contact PGH Santa directly for PRIME pricing and availability

Neighborhood Discount:

Three or more homes in same neighborhood, booking together, receive 20 minute visits at each home for $125 each.

Six or more homes in same neighborhood, booking together, receive 20 minute visits at each home for $100 each

Take advantage of this great deal!

Live Virtual Visits:

Individualized Visits
$40 for 10 minutes/one child
Add $15 for each child/additional 10 minutes

All Other Virtual Visits
$75 for 15 minutes
$100 for 30 minutes

Video and/or Photo add-on available
click for more information

Video Messaging (pre-recorded):

$35 per ten minute message


$15 for a five-minute gratitude visit

All rates are subject to change due to distance, accommodations, and scope of visit.
(PRIME pricing for 2023 refers to Thanksgiving weekend and December 15-25)

Deposit payments (retainers) must be received to book a specific date and time. All bookings occur on a first come, first served basis.

COVID-19 Policy: due to uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, PGH Santa will adapt its Non-Refundable Fee Policy to allow for refunds of up to the deposit, with said deposit being used for a virtual visit or credit for a future visit. (click for more)

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