Season 2 Recap (by the numbers)

On this day last year, I posted the numbers for my first season as Santa Claus. It was a very eye-opening post. I cherished the objective summation of the work I had done. It paved the way to a very subjective analysis of the work I had done. And my analysis was that it wasContinue reading “Season 2 Recap (by the numbers)”


The past month has been unlike any other time in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the “blues” before. I’ve been tired before. I’ve spent what felt like weeks getting over a man-cold. I’ve slept the long night after an extensive, arduous, physically demanding project. I’ve even experienced major depression. But the SantaContinue reading “POST-CHRISTMAS BLUES (and the cure)”

Christmas in July

I was today old when it dawned on me that Christmas in July was not the “half-birthday of sorts” of the Birthday commemorated at Christmas. I had just always thought, “Christmas in July–July 25th–makes sense!” No, that would be June 25th… So what in the world is Christmas in July? Where did it come from?Continue reading “Christmas in July”