Comfort Calls

The Covid-19 epidemic has created more clinical anxiety/depression than any other event in recent history, per the Mental Health Organization. They claim that it has affected young people at a higher rate than ever before, and, alarmingly, that those affected are considering suicide at a much higher rate as well. Those young people are youngContinue reading “Comfort Calls”

Virtual Reality

This has been a tough year for Santa Claus. Not only is the naughty list growing substantially as people can’t figure out how to be kind to each other, but this Novel Coronavirus has really cramped his style. Santa’s entire public persona is pretty much based on touch and intimacy. The power of human contactContinue reading “Virtual Reality”

Silly Santa

The professional Santa Claus has one job: to spread cheer. He does it in many ways: handing out candy, waving from firetrucks, singing loud for all to hear, helping kids to dream, and sanctioning unchecked expectations of a Christmas morning in which all wishes wished are to come to fruition… Another great way to spreadContinue reading “Silly Santa”

A Child’s Mind

This photo is from several years ago. It is a picture of my children surrounding me dressed as Santa Claus. This was back when the beard was fake (and so was the round little belly…) And I love imagining what was going through their little minds at this very moment. A couple of them knewContinue reading “A Child’s Mind”

Christmas in July

I was today old when it dawned on me that Christmas in July was not the “half-birthday of sorts” of the Birthday commemorated at Christmas. I had just always thought, “Christmas in July–July 25th–makes sense!” No, that would be June 25th… So what in the world is Christmas in July? Where did it come from?Continue reading “Christmas in July”


This article is designed to help customers have an idea as to what to expect when booking with PGH Santa. Please understand that all situations are different, and pricing can and will be adjusted according to how you envision your visit from Santa. There’s a solution for every budget. 2020 Virtual Visit Special This isContinue reading “Rates”