Santa “Thank You” Visits

Give your child an easy and rewarding way to say “Thank You” to Santa

Touch base, briefly, with Santa as he recovers from his Christmas Eve Adventures in his beautiful Aurora-arium at the North Pole! Say “thank you” and close out the season in the right spirit!

After the Holiday is over is a great time to teach our children how to be grateful.
And can also be a nice time for them to discuss their feelings about the Holiday.
Click here to read more about the concept of the Thank You Visit.

$15 for 5 minutes **

**Fee discounted or waived for 2020 customers (see end of form or refer to email for details)

Visits will be conducted by PGH Santa beginning December 26th and will run through the first part of January as needed.
Days and time blocks will be limited.
All Thank You Visits are virtual and conducted via Zoom (or another platform approved by PGH Santa).
Payment to be made at time of request.
Invitation/Link will be sent via email after payment condition is met.

After submission, please make your payment by one of the following methods:
Venmo: @Jonny-Kigin

PLEASE NOTE: All 2020 PHYSICAL visits with PGH Santa include the Thank You Visit as a bonus.
All 2020 VIRTUAL visits with PGH Santa include an optional Thank You Visit for $5.
All other scenarios are at the full price of $15/per five minutes.

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