Book PGH Santa

PGH Santa is versatile.

He is a real beard Santa that can bring Christmas spirit to any group, situation, or venue.

Often referred to as Singing Santa, he is able to engage any size crowd with a booming voice and a charismatic presence.

He excels at intimate settings, helping children feel special, and ensuring that everyone feel recognized.

“The following are just some of the booking opportunities I am available for:”

Sit on Santa’s Lap: This is the tradional setting for Santa. I will sit in a room and participants will come in queue and sit on my lap. I will discuss their Christmas wishes and typically hand them a goodie (candy cane or cookie, provided by host)

Pre-Christmas Eve Home Visit: These can be the most memorable Santa encounters you can ever have. While I won’t necessarily arrive on a sleigh or even a fire truck, I will arrive in a Honda, park out of sight and knock at your home’s front door. After singing a carol or reading a story, I will share an intimate visit with children and adults alike.

Santa Photo-op: Photos are always welcome (encouraged) during any venue or setting, but this is one where the host can provide a backdrop or a professional photographer, and I can say “cheese” while greeting folks.

NEW! Virtual Visit: I will visit one-on-one or in small group settings during a scheduled session over FaceTime, Skype, Google Duo, Zoom, etc.

Opening the Sack: In this scenario, I will pre-pack my sack with presents provided by the host. I will enter, sit, and distribute the gifts one by one. This way that special gift the child (or adult) has been wishing for comes directly from the hands of Ole Saint Nick!

Party Crash: This is perfect for dinner parties or group settings. I enter the room and make the rounds. Often the children will swarm, but I will make it a point to get to each table and have a conversation with each party guest.

NEW! Socially Distanced Visit: In our current environment, I am able to visit with people following proper social distancing. This might look like coming to a closed window, reading a story from across a living room, or serenading to a second story window from the edge of the sidewalk

Santa on Stage: This is ideal for large gatherings, often with other entertainment or programming. I can sing, give a speech, read The Night Before Christmas, and/or interact with emcees or special guests.

Parade: I am available to participate in parades. I can ride fire engines and I can walk along with the band. I can sing, throw candy, or just wave.

Nursing Homes, Schools, Daycares, Hospitals, Offices, Constuction Sites, YOU NAME IT! Santa can go just about anywhere, and my versatility allows me to be anywhere with anyone. Please don’t hesitate to ask about your specific situation.

Your visit can be one of the above, a combination, or your own design! For an idea of my rates, please visit my Rates page. I am booking appointments now. Please contact me, provide several request options, and we will set up your special visit with Santa Claus!

Photo credit Montague Photography

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